Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Greeting Cards and Print Sets Now Available on Etsy store

Set of 4 Daffodil photo greeting cards
Set of 4 Daffodil photo greeting cards

There are some new items available at my store on Etsy.  Photo Greeting Cards and 8x10 Prints Sets. 

The 5x7 cards are available singly or in sets of four (in individual poly bags), or in boxed sets of six or ten cards.  A choice of matte, glossy, or canvas cardstock is available for each.  Envelopes, of course, are included.

The more cards you buy, the more you save.  A set of four will save you 10% over the single-card price.  A set of six will save you 15%, and a set of ten will save you 25%.   

There are some pre-made sets available (and will continue to grow), but you can easily make your own set by choosing from any photo I sell on Etsy.  Check out the store section here for more information.

Set of Three 8x10 Candy Shop Prints

Set of Three 8x10 Candy Shop Prints

The 8x10 prints sets are available in sets of 2 or 3, on matte, glossy or metallic paper.  Check out the store section here for more information. Buying a set will save you 25% over the single-print price.

Metallic paper is also available as an upgrade for single 8x10, 11x14, and 13x19 prints, here.  It's an amazing paper, and really makes images come alive with depth and detail.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New treasury page

If you've never visited Etsy, treasuries are collections of items, put together buy sellers or buyers.  (It's important to note that a seller can't put his or her own items in a treasury of their creation.) The person who created the treasury is called the Curator.  Usually the curator has a theme in mind, such as color, place, event, season, etc.  

When you think of the hundreds of thousands of items on Etsy, it's quite an honor as a seller to have one's items appear in a treasury.  I decided that since my photos are quite popular and appear in about three treasuries a day, I would create a page just for treasuries.  
You can see the page by clicking the tab above: "Photos Appearing in Etsy Treasuries."  I will update them as often as possible - hopefully daily - so check back often to see other great collections.  

I also post links to treasuries on Facebook as well as Twitter.  So become a Facebook fan and a Twitter follower to keep up with the new happenings!

Here's the latest treasury: