Friday, April 8, 2011

New treasury page

If you've never visited Etsy, treasuries are collections of items, put together buy sellers or buyers.  (It's important to note that a seller can't put his or her own items in a treasury of their creation.) The person who created the treasury is called the Curator.  Usually the curator has a theme in mind, such as color, place, event, season, etc.  

When you think of the hundreds of thousands of items on Etsy, it's quite an honor as a seller to have one's items appear in a treasury.  I decided that since my photos are quite popular and appear in about three treasuries a day, I would create a page just for treasuries.  
You can see the page by clicking the tab above: "Photos Appearing in Etsy Treasuries."  I will update them as often as possible - hopefully daily - so check back often to see other great collections.  

I also post links to treasuries on Facebook as well as Twitter.  So become a Facebook fan and a Twitter follower to keep up with the new happenings!

Here's the latest treasury:

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